In January 2010, Bestwood Village residents formed a community group now known as Village Vision and following lengthy, local consultation, have drawn up a plan for the future of the village.

We are now working on the overall plan and implementing the actions to make it come to life. The action plan list can be viewed here –  Action_Plan_single_page_NEW_Layout_1

Anyone who cares about the village and would like to get involved in improving it is welcome to join the group at any time – just make contact with Jack Ashworth, the group Chair, (jack.ashworth@aol.com) and come along to our next meeting.

As we are working on the plan more and more things will be updated. Here are the  recent Village Vision Minutes :  January 2014 minutes November 2013 minutes  and an action plan update Action Plan update – February 2014



We are moving rapidly towards a big revamp of the playground on The Square and with a bit of luck, may have it completed before the end of the summer. Take a look at the design below or follow the link to the planned playground improvements

Playground project plan
In addition, we have had a scheme drawn up for an outdoor leisure facility aimed at teenagers in the village, (this is known as a MUSA – Multi Use Sports Area) and is what we are currently thinking of rather than just a skate park, which was our original idea. As you can see from the information, it incorporates elements of skateboard and BMX ramps as well as providing a ball playing area and several items of outdoor play and exercise equipment. It is proposed to site this in the open area accessed through the gate opposite the bottom of St. Albans Road. Take a look at the design below or follow the link to the planned Multi Use Sports Area

MUSA plan

We would like your comments and feedback on these plans of both the playground and the MUSA. Please email: villagevision@post.com or email a website admin using the contacts page.